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About tEdits

tEdits is a professional, London-based, British media organisation. We specialise in photography, video production, PC building, graphic design, gaming, tech and so much more.

Established in May 2010, tEdits has grown amazingly with over 500,000 views across the website, hundreds of sales and a growing presence across a multitude of other platforms.

Our roots are in London, Great Britain, but we are a truly global entity, working with a number of prestigious clients including Airbnb and Amazon. We have also featured in various publications across the world such as The Times of India and The Art Hunters (formerly Daily Inspiration Netherlands).

Being a multifaceted organisation, we have so much to offer on so many fronts:

The tagline and mission statement ‘Create. Inspire. Enjoy.’ was created when tEdits was first founded in 2010 and we aim to do exactly that:

  • Create: To make 100% original content, as all of our work is

  • Inspire: For our work to inspire as many people as possible

  • Enjoy: For fun to be had from start to finish, from us to you

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About Toby

Hi! I’m Toby and I am the founder of tEdits. I’ve been taking photos, making videos, and everything in between for as long as I can remember.

Since creating tEdits in 2010, I have developed my love for photography, video editing, graphic design and media production in general, through freelance work and various other commissions.

With regards to my photography, I shoot predominantly in London, the city I have grown up in and know like the back of my hands. However, I am looking to expand upon this, there are so many beautiful places and events to see and capture.

With regards to my video work, I have made a number of tech related videos on my YouTube Channel, with over 1,000 subscribers so far. This has been an amazing experience and I have helped many people along the way. I am also an affiliate on Twitch, and stream regularly to a growing audience.

Media production and all that surrounds it is fascinating to me, and I’m only looking to further my reach into it, please feel free to contact me for collaborations or anything along those lines.

Skills and competencies acquired over the years:

  • Adobe Creative Suite (CS5, CS6, CC)

    • After Effects, Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)