And so it begins...

And so it begins… After months of extensive deliberation and along with bits of procrastination, I’ve decided to take up blogging.

The fact of the matter is, ever since tEdits’ inception a year and seven months ago to date, there’s been a substantial lack of blog posts as it was predominantly focused on just recycling the top blog post of ‘The Latest.’ This will no longer be the case once blogging is commenced.

The structure of the site will change slightly, there will be a sticky of ‘The Latest,’ which will take presence at the top of the site, but following that will be numerous blog posts and previously uploaded photos and images from ‘The Latest.’ I believe that this is the most effective way of putting across the blog posts and maintaining the graphic design routes of the tEdits of old.

The blogging will consist of a range of vast range of topics, from sport and current events, to media and technology. There will also be a dedicated section to Formula 1 Reports, this is because of my love for the sport. As well as this, every Friday there will be a post reviewing the events of the week that has just passed.

So from now on, expect to see many articles intertwined with magnificent photos and designs.

Thanks for reading!

Post by – Toby Jagmohan (Founder)

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