Regent Street Motor Show 2019

The 2019 Regent Street Motor Show was presented by Enjoy Illinois Route 66 and took place on November 2nd 2019. Hundreds and thousands of people converged on one of the most famous streets in London, which was celebrating it’s 200th anniversary, to see the many vehicles on display. Among the vehicles on display were the timeless classics such as the Panhard Levassor and the Oldsmobile, both of which all took part in the Bonham’s Veteran Car Run the following day. These cars from the late 19th century were on display alongside their 20th and 21st century successors along Regent Street; showing progress from how far we’ve come from rudimentary gasoline cars to hybrid-electric cars.

“Once again, Regent Street featured something for everyone and acted as the perfect prelude to tomorrow’s remarkable Bonhams Veteran Car Run from London to Brighton… The tremendous spirit on the Street – notably among the hardy brigade of veteran car owners – ensured the showers did absolutely nothing to dampen spirits. This annual event continues to go from strength-to-strength, attracting huge attendances and marking one of the highlights of the Club’s London Motor Week – a seven-day celebration full of motoring events staged by the Royal Automobile Club, which culminates as hundreds of these wonderful veteran cars reach the Sussex coast on Sunday afternoon.” – Ben Cussons, Chairman of the Royal Automobile Club.

These are a collection of photos from the day of the event, featuring the various cars throughout the ages.