Valorant | Split A-Site – Attacking

This is the definitive guide to attacking Split A-Site in Valorant. In this video we look at the two main routes to push A-Site, while going over the defensive angles to look out for, utility usage and where the most effective places are to plant and defend the spike.

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Routes to A-Site

There are two routes attackers can push in order to take control of “A-Site”. The first is “A-Main” the most direct path to the site with the fewest options for cover when rotating. The second is “A-Ramp” the alternative route when which if taken gains an advantage covering angles but loses physical pressure necessary to plant the spike, in the video we explain how you should be able to efficiently use abilities, tactics and newly required map knowledge to dominate A-Site.

A Main | Split
A Main | Split
A-Ramp | Split


Off-angles are unorthodox angles the defenders are holding that might catch attackers off guard when attacking the site. When getting used to the map you’ll start to memorise these off-angles, however the strongest angles are agent specific. Meaning that only certain agents can access these places via the abilities they have. In the video we have explained one of these agent specific spots on Split.

Off Angle 1 - Agent Specific
Off Angle 1 - Agent Specific | Split
Off Angle 2 | Split
Off Angle 2 | Split

Planting spots Before and After

Planting is one of the most important factors that effects the outcome of the round. Attackers do not have the ability to move or re-position the spike once it is planted. Therefore the placement of the spike is key to winning the round, in the video we’ll show you the default planting spot on Split and how to defend the spike after it has been planted.

Planting Spot Default | Split
Alternative Planting Spot | Split
Alternative Planting Spot | Split

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15 May 2020

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