Canary Wharf Winter Lights 2016

11th January 2016

Canary Wharf Winter Lights 2016 was the second iteration of the Light Festival that features sculptures, structures and installations by some of the most innovative artists and designers around the world, using a wide range of different forms of light technology.


On the Wings of Freedom, Aether & Hemera, Jubilee Park

On the Wings of Freedom is a radiant cloud of butterflies, viewers can interact with the installation by using their mobile phones activating the lighting effects in real-time.

Totem, Bitone Collective, Cabot Square

Totem responds to the presence of mobile phone signals in the air around it, active or passive. The stronger and more numerous the signals the brighter and more vivid the sculpture appears.

Light Sphere I, Tom Wilkinson, Adams Plaza

Light Sphere I uses persistence of vision to create the illusion of light, magically sculpting a sphere in mid-air.

my light is your light…, alaa minawi, Jubilee Park

In today’s troubled world, my light is your light… was created as an act of solidarity with Syrian refugees. The silhouettes of a family of six hopelessly fleeing a conflict zone have been created in lines of neon light.

Fantastic Planet, Amanda Parer, Westferry Circus

An 18ft high illuminated inflatable figure lands at Canary Wharf especially for this year’s Winter Lights. This installation is inspired by the cult science fiction film Fantastic Planet [1973] that is set in the distant future in a world populated by gargantuan humanoids.

bit.fall, Julius Popp, Chancellor Passage

Live newsfeeds are the source for a waterfall of words cascading into Middle Dock. Using sophisticated technology a series of valves let illuminated droplets of water fall to form letters and words that appear in mid-air.

A Parallel Image, Gebhard Sengmüller, Crossrail Place

A Parallel Image acts like an electronic camera obscura that explores an alternative means of electronically transmitting moving images by sending every single pixel through a separate line.

We Could Meet, Martin Richman, Adams Plaza

Martin is interested in how art can improve the quality of life in cities, humanising and helping to give locations a sense of place.

Infinity Pools, Stephen Newby, Middle Dock

Five illuminated circular pools float on the surface of Middle Dock. Take a closer look and each pool appears to be an endless vortex of light plunging down into the depths of the water.

The Luminous City, Nathaniel Rackowe, Lobby, One Canada Square

This exhibition complements the Winter Lights installations. Using industrial materials such as fluorescent tubing, breeze blocks and bitumen, Nathaniel creates large-scale installations examining the interplay of light and structure in the built environment.

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